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How We Started

This movie was created to raise awareness among the general public about online child abuse, and how psychological issues and a lack of strong family values in the community have a negative impact on people’s lives, particularly those of children.

This film is available to watch through private screening for a fundraiser to donate the profit to the facilities where survivors of such spoken abuse reside and learn their management and coping from such devastating events that occurred in their lives. 

Join us and help us raise awareness to help others remember our core values.


The movement of Venrich Holdings OPC focuses on the psychological effects on the victims of online child abuse. Our goal is to increase community education and awareness regarding such abuse, assist in the maintenance of a secure environment for the victims, and support their holistic rehabilitation and education.


To collaborate in advocacy with schools and universities, community groups, religious organizations, local government units and non-governmental organizations. We are committed to provide help and hope to survivors of online child abuse.

Why this Movement?

The executive producer is a “Woman on a Mission.” She is a mother, and she cannot fathom distressed children being put up for part-exchange. She felt compelled to make a difference in her country, and continues to take a firm action for these situations. She would like to initiate a helping hand to the survivors of such spoken event.